Big Hero 6 cake topper

Big Hero 6 cake topper is perfect for a Big Hero 6 robots team fan. 

The most amazing character in the movie Big Hero 6 is Baymax, the large robot-like air bags in cars that did make the audience fall in love, so may think to create or to buy Baymax birthday cake topper.

Learn how to make at home a Baymax cake topper made with fondant and a simple, beautiful and delicious Big Hero 6 birthday cake:

The simplest cupcake ring is here and the cream cheese and some cupcakes are all you need :

Source: pinterest

If you need more inspirations to create different Big Hero 6 cupcakes toppers, you may try Fernanda Abarca cakes on Facebook .

Or if you need a quick and easy cake made with cream cheese and some red color, here you have: