Quick Minion birthday cake

Quick Minion birthday cake easy to make!

Celebrate with a cute homemade Minion cake!

Minion cake ideas on Pinterest: 
Minion Cakes on Pinterest

How it looks Shrek Minion birthday cake:

Shrek Minion https://goo.gl/ygU9Ca

How it looks Elf Minion birthday cake:

Elf Minion cake https://goo.gl/nUrU2F

How it looks Elsa Minion birthday cake:

Elsa Minion cake https://goo.gl/j7OXJ2

How it looks Zombie Minion birthday cake:

Zombie Minion cake https://goo.gl/gpwwzD

How it looks Football Minion birthday cake:

Football Minion cake https://goo.gl/SvmSp0

How it looks Captain America Minion birthday cake:
Captain America Minion cake https://goo.gl/etRSwj



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