Friday, 7 August 2015

Quick Minion birthday cake

Quick Minion birthday cake easy to make!

Celebrate with a cute homemade Minion cake!

Minion cake ideas on Pinterest: 
Minion Cakes on Pinterest

How it looks Shrek Minion birthday cake:

Shrek Minion

How it looks Elf Minion birthday cake:

Elf Minion cake

How it looks Elsa Minion birthday cake:

Elsa Minion cake

How it looks Zombie Minion birthday cake:

Zombie Minion cake

How it looks Football Minion birthday cake:

Football Minion cake

How it looks Captain America Minion birthday cake:
Captain America Minion cake

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cinderella 2015 birthday cake topper ideas

Are you searching for the best Cinderella 2015 birthday cake topper?
Are you looking for edible birthday cakes toppers or Cinderella 2015 minifigurines?

Or some Cinderella cupcakes as a light blue Cinderella dress?

You'll never go wrong with the Cinderella tiara on top of your birthday cake! It is reusable and stylish!

But you can always turn to classic: use the classical Cinderella birthday cake decoset: